Software Solutions

A product might not always serve every customer and every application. You need custom software development that is specially tailored to meet various business demands.

Advico Technology provides custom software solutions to match your needs. Our team has developed the expertise to quickly respond to customer's changing demands by creating high quality custom implementations.

Our accomplished development team will work closely to enrich the end user experience and improve customer satisfaction by providing differentiated services to customers at different levels with individual and specific needs.

Advico Technology offering the following application customization services.

  • Implementation and integration of new features
  • Modification the existing features
  • Porting to other operating systems
  • Localization Performance optimization

Advico Technology Automation customizations include :

  • Defining the required configuration of products
  • Changing the processes, work-flow, and functionality of the product to fit specific business needs
  • Customizing visual aspects of the solution (visual behavior viz. colors, images, layouts, logos, screen behavior)
  • Developing additional product functionality or capabilities

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