Student Management

Student management system (SMS) is software to manage all day to day operations for a school.

Advico Technology provides modern, comprehensive technology solutions to power institutional growth, boost student success, and improve institutional effectiveness. Success in each area is important.

List of typical features

  • Handling inquiries from prospective students
  • Handling the admissions process
  • Enrolling new students and storing teaching option choices
  • Handling examinations, assessments, marks and grades and academic progression
  • Maintaining records of absences and attendance
  • Handling the award of credit or qualifications and graduation
  • Post-graduation contact with alumni
  • Fees
  • Parents

Student Management helps you succeed with transformative features and benefits.

  • Provide a superior user experience for your students and staff, combined with workflow support tools that liberate your administrative and IT staff for higher-value functions.
  • Deliver visibility into departments and projects with powerful reporting and analytics tools that support data-driven decision making.
  • Update strategies and processes quickly and easily without expensive IT intervention, lowering your total cost of ownership versus legacy systems.
  • Implement quicker and easier, so your resources go towards institutional excellence, not systems upkeep.

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